Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Often I create a digital page when I am planning a Hybrid project. 
That way I can nut out the design, resize or re-colour the digital embellishments to my liking.
Here is the digi page which forms the starting block for the Hybrid/traditional design.

For the next few steps  you will need some basic understanding of Photoshop/Elements to proceed.

Now that I have the overall design sorted I pick up each digi element by engaging the grab tool and then cluster them together in the work space. Then click on each one in the layers palette whilst depressing the shift key so all 3 star layers are highlighted then rightclick. This will show a drop down dialogue box from which you select the Merge Layers option.

Now isolate the cluster of star embellishments by dragging the Marquee Tool around them forming a marching ant border. Click Edit / Cut / File / New / Blank File / from the drop down dialogue box set the dpi to 300 then click OK/ Edit / Paste. From the Task Bar click File/ 'Save As' a .jpeg file onto your desktop ready for optimum printing.

Now open Microsoft Word and from the task bar select Insert / Picture / From File...and from the desktop engage the cluster embellishments to drop them in the document.

Before printing your document ensure that the printer setting are changed to the highest resolution, the colour mode is set to CMYK for optimum colour clarity and the right media is chosen, ie: transparency, plain or photo paper , of course that all depends on what you want to achieve. Click okay and print away.

So now you have your printed digital embellishments ready to customise for your project.

Customising printable digital elements.Step 1:
Print the embellishments on paper that is no less than 80gsm for extra rigidity.

Step 2:
Trim the printed embellishments then line the back with double sided tape, ready to be adhered to cardstock or cardboard.

Step 3:
Once adhered on cardboard, carefully cut the printed embellishments from the sheet.

Step 4:
Customising the ticket embellishment by hole punching the corners for a more realistic looking ticket stub.

Step 5:
Adhere glass cabachons to the printed stars using dimensional magic. 
Set aside to dry then carefully cut them out using some small detail scissors for precision cutting.

Step 6:
Using your copics or artist pen carefully colour the cut edges to hide the cardboard mount.
 This helps create a more finished look.

Step 7:
Since you have the dimensional magic out, why not use it to add a glossy layer 
and extra dimension to the star embellishments.

Step 8:
Finally all your digital elements have been customised into unique embellishments 
ready to incorporate into your hybrid projects.

I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial and that it inspires you with this months challenge!

Emma Stafrace
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June Sketch Challenge

Hi Everyone

Welcome to June and the beginning of winter!!  Great scrapping weather!

This month we have the 3rd sketch challenge bought to you by our DT Member Emma Stafrace from her sketch blog Page Drafts.

Layout must be uploaded by the 25th of June on our Facebook Page.  Layouts are not to be used for any other competitions.  Our prize is 2 x $10 vouchers!!!

Good luck everyone and here is some DT Inspiration for you!!

The Sketch
Layout by DT Member Einat
Layout by DT Member Jo
Layout by DT Member Leah
Layout by DT Member Melanie

2 x $10 vouchers up for grabs!!!!

 So get scrapping everyone!!!!!


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