Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guest Designer Update - HELP!!!

Well we had a big electrical storm in QLD the other night and yep my computer got blown up!! Lucky it was my spare one my everyday laptop was already getting repaired from when I accidentally stepped on the screen. So to have the other one broken as well is just really bad luck. But I have my everyday laptop back now and I will see about getting my spare fixed but I am not holding my breath!!
BUT..... on my computer was all my email contacts for all the lovely ladies who signed up to be Guest Designers. So would those ladies please be able to email me again there layout and contact details to
Thank you heaps!!!!!

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lkamphuis said...

OH Leanne - you are not having much luck!!!

vicmbee said...

Oh Dear your not having much luck with your PC's lately hope your luck improves from now on and good luck to all the ladies that applied...

Anne P said...

Leanne, did you get my e-mail?