Friday, November 23, 2012


Hi everyone, Em here. Its been a tad too long between post so thought I'd better stop by and share a recent project I did for Mad, so here goes.... I'm not sure what you do with your cardstock left overs but if your anything like me you have a huge stash of cut offs that are too small to use as a base in 8.5x11 page but are too big to toss away.

In this quick little page share I wanted to show you how those off cuts can be simply stitched or adhered together to form a 12x12 base and by also keeping a simple design principle in mind 'Creating a Focal Point'... you can produce an eyecatching design.
So after rummaging through my stash of cardstock off cuts I found 3 colours that I wouldn't normally put together but figured they really would grab everyones attention so decided I was game. But before committing to creating the traditional/hybrid page I did a digital version first to see how it would work. 
In the digital version I'm able to play with the placement and widths of each colour. Depending on your choice you can really change the dynamic of your design by lifting it out of the mundane and into something quite dramatic. 

The key is to select one colour, in this instance the pop of 'Yellow' to shock the senses, however by limiting its quantity to less than the others it becomes dramatic rather than over powering. To tie it in even more I introduced some elements in similar yellow tones which helps carry the eye across the band of wallet sized photo's which of course are our main focal point and help soften the whole look.
'100% Boy' {Digital Version}
Digital Credits:
Fresh Kit by Sahlin Studio & One Little Bird
A Bit More Mess Stitching by Amy Martin
Digital Cardstock by Emma Stafrace
Misted Graph by Emma Stafrace
Now that I have worked out the lay of the land in my digital page I created the hybrid version below using the cardstock from my scrap stash that I had originally selected and am really pleased with how it turned out. 
'100% Boy' {Hybrid Version}
Studio Calico Graph Misting screen
Distress Ink
Mister Huey's Opaque White Mist
Machine stitching.
NB: One fun tip if you have access to a photo editing program try altering the colour of your photo's. As you can see above by changing the focal photo to a yellow/sepia tone I am helping to tie the yellows together even more.
Hope you enjoyed this quick design tip share and maybe get you thinking more about using the humble cardstock in more exciting and eye catching ways.
For another quick cardstock fix check out an earlier MAS post here.
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