Monday, May 12, 2014

Work In Progress Part II

Hey everyone, I have another instalment of my "WIP".  In this post I hope to show you all how I attached my page signatures to my cover insert....

From my A4 Cardstock I have cut a strip that is 1" x 9" and I have folded this in half and adhered together using some double sided tape.
 I have then ruled ups some guidelines that are about a 1/4" apart and worked out where my pages will be positioned.  I then placed a dot where I would pierce my paper.
 I have pierced it at 3/4", 2 1/4" and 3 3/4"
  I have lined up all of my pages and pierced them as well

 Now to begin the sewing process.  I have used some 4 ply crochet cotton.
 and I have started in the binding strip.  I have brought the needle up into the strip and into the centre hole in the page
 then I have taken the needle back down through the hole on the lefthand side and back up through the centre hole again.

and back down through the right handside hole.   I have pulled as gently as I could so that the stitching was taut, but not tearing the cardstock.  I did this for all my pages. The following pics may explain the process better than I can.

The finished binding!!

My pages are now looking like this
Here is a close up on the sewing detail...

I then glued this into my cover 

OOOOOO I almost forgot...if you wish to decorate your spine on the outer cover, best to do it BEFORE gluing.  I have punched two holes added a couple of large eyelets and ran some pretty peachy coloured seam binding through.

 ....THEN I glued my pages in :)

 Now all that is left to do is add photo mats and embellishments.....that is for next week 

 Thanks for stopping by.....
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